Here you can find answers to some of the frequently asked questions I recieve


Q: Is it possible to have the units move smoothly rather than cell by cell?

Yes. I would recommend DOTWeen for tweening between cells, but you can also use your own tweening solution. To change the way units move between cells, look at the Sequence field on the MovmentAction component. To create your own movement sequence you can inherit the MovementSequence class. Code available as gist below. Requires DOTween. Remember to create the Scriptable Object asset :)

Jump Movement
Smooth Cell by Cell
Smooth Start to End

Scriptable Objects

Q: There are a lot of asset files in the sample projects, do I really need that many Scriptable Obejct assets?

No, not really. The samples are created to be as modular as possible to show that you can re-use callbacks and validation between objects and games. If you prefer to have it all in the same place in code, you can simple create just one object with all the code in it.

Movement Validation

Area of Attack

Q: Is AOE-attacks supported?

It is easy to implement. I recommend adding a custom attack sequence to achieve area of attack. You can keep all the data in the sequence and add it to whatever units you want to.

Area of Attack Sequence

Ugly Lines

Q: I Have some ugly lines in my 2D sample project. Can I get rid of them?

Yes, but since the Asset Store does not support importing project settigns for tools, you will have to make a change in the settings.

To sort out this issue you will have to go to Project Settings -> Quality -> set Anti Aliasing to Disabled